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Water Plant

The City of Rensselaer Water Utility is also required to provide an annual report known as the Consumer Confidence Report each year that provides as snapshot of the quality of the drinking water that we provided to our citizens. The  CCR is available in our Document Center located in Featured Links on our Home Page. Just choose News & Notices under the document type and it will be available to you. Or, you can follow the link provided to you on this page under "News". Please feel free to contact our Water Utility if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Consumer Confidence Report. 

This plant is operated with four employees who also work at the Waste Water Treatment Plant.
The City of Rensselaer operates two water towers which hold our ground water and then disperse the water throughout the City of Rensselaer by supply and demand.
Pictured below you will see our city water employees replacing an old water hydrant at the Southeast Corner of Cherry and Milton Streets
Hydrant Removal
                                                                               Hydrant Installation
Hydrant RemovalHydrant Installation

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David (Andy) Daniels, Superintendent
210 N College Ave
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