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Water & Sewage

Water Department Information Guide
The Water Department was established in 1898 and has grown to have 2897 current customers. The information for billing and water rates can be found in City Hall at the utility office. The hours at the utility office are also 7:30AM to 4:00PM (CST). The utility office number is 219-866-7884. The water plant was completely renovated in 2012 and 2013. 
Waste Water Treatment Plant Information Guide
The City of Rensselaer Sewage Department was established in 1898 along with the Water Department. The WWTP is responsible for the daily sewage that run through the City and is designed to hold 1.2 million gallons of sewage per day. The WWTP operates as a filter for the raw sewage and cleans it of all suspended solids and ammonia. There is a fleet of five (5) vehicles, which include the Vactor truck for cleaning sewer lines, the Sewer Camera that can run through sewer lines to look for blockages in the main city lines, a sludge truck, and two (2) maintenance trucks. There are also 33.89 miles of sewage lines in The City of Rensselaer.
High Rate Treatment Plant
 The City of Rensselaer began the process building a High Rate Clairifaction System or HRT in 2013 to help alleviate the overflow at CSO #19 located in Weston Cemetery. The City of Rensselaer received a Rural Development Grant in the amount of $3,500.000 to assist in the building of this facility. Commonwealth Engineering was the contractor who hired Bowen Engineering of Crown Point, Indiana to build this plant. The plant was completed in April 0f 2017.
Public Notification Plan
The City of Rensselaer has adopted a Public Notification Plan (PNP) to address combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharges to the Iroquois River pursuant to State Environment Rule 327 IAC 5-2.1 The purpose of this rule is to make the community aware of the potential health impacts resulting from a combined sewer overflow discharge and to notify members of the public who may be immediately affected by a combined sewer overflow discharge so that they can avoid contact with or ingestion of water from a waterway that may be affected by a combined sewer overflow discharge.

The City of Rensselaer has established a plan for accomplishing this task. In addition to warnings signs already posted at the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) structures, signs have been installed at the following locations:

CSO Overflow Location

  • Iroquois Park
  • Weston Cemetery
  • Bicentennial Park
  • NW Corner of Washington Street Bridge

We will provide a public notice in the Rensselaer Republican newspaper in March of each year regarding the method of CSO notification that will be provided for occurring or anticipated CSO events. This notice will be provided for occurring or anticipated CSO events. This notice will include directions on how to access the City's website for CSO notification and a descripition of the information contained on the site. It will allow media, affected public and other interested persons in the CSO community to request receipt of CSO notification consistent with the requirements of 327 IAC 5-2.1-6(a)(2).

The City has a website that will post notification whenever a discharge or discharges from one (1) or rmore combined sewer overflow outfall is occurring.

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